• 联盟向托尼-阿伦追加恶意犯规

    But before he could utter a single curse or insult, Harry felt a great pain at the top of his head; he inhaled a lot of ash and, choking, found himself being dragged backwards through the flames, until with a horrible abruptness he was staring up into the wide, pallid face of Professor Umbridge who had dragged him backwards out of the fire by the hair and was now bending his neck back as far as it would go, as though she were going to slit his throat.

  • 菲巴晒队标,新赛季将加盟陕西

    His cold, dark eyes were boring into Harry's, who met his gaze unflinchingly, concentrating hard on what he had seen in his dream, willing Snape to read it in his mind, to understand . . .

  • 贵州男篮:外援将决定比赛走势

    As they reached the cool shade of the first trees, Harry tried to catch Hermione s eye; walking into the Forest without wands seemed to him to be more foolhardy than anything they had done so far this evening. She, however, merely gave Umbridge a contemptuous glance and plunged straight into the trees, moving at such a pace that Umbridge, with her shorter legs, had difficulty in keeping up.

  • 詹姆斯:我们下场要打得更好一些

    'And you two can go ahead of me and show me the way,' said Umbridge, pointing at Harry and Hermione with her wand. 'Lead on.'

  • 苏亚雷斯恢复积极以赶上美洲杯

    The black shape on the floor shifted a little. Harry saw a long-fingered white hand clutching a wand rise at the end of his own arm . . . heard the high, cold voice say 'Crucio!'

  • 莱加内斯队史首次杀入西甲联赛

    A voice issued from his own mouth, a high, cold voice empty of any human kindness . . .

  • 英超锋霸渐入佳境!人和想冲超需先激活他

    'Nobody here but Kreacher!' said the elf gleefully, and turning away from Harry he began to walk slowly towards the door at the end of the kitchen. 'Kreacher thinks he will have a little chat with his mistress now, yes, he hasn't had a chance in a long time, Kreacher's master has been keeping him away from her - '